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Exergen Industrial News

February 2017 - TOM TOM-TOOLS Integrates Infrared micro sensor of Exergen Global in their Ovality Tool For Temperature Measurement in the Cement Industry

August 2016 - Exergen's Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors Help Ensure Accurate Results In Horticultural Research

January 2016 - Harmon Sensors Pyrometer That Employs Exergen IRt/c Temperature Sensor Wins Patent Award from NASA

November 2015 - Exergen Global Named Frost and Sullivan Entreprenurial Company of The Year

June 2015 - Embedded Computing Design - Sensors Expo 2015: Exergen extends medical temp sensors to industrial OEM's

June 2015 - Exergen Global's Reflective Cone For Infrared Sensors Named Innovation Finalist In Best of Sensors Expo Awards

April 2015 - Exergen Global Announces Sensoranics Methodology, Its Unique Approach For Customized, Infrared Non-Contact Temperature Solutions, Powered By Exergen

February 2015 - Exergen Global's Reflective Cone Only Device To Prevent Temperature Errors Caused By Ambient Radiation and Emissivity

February 2015 - Exergen Global's Temperature Sensor Ensures Safety Efficiency for Ablation Systems

February 2015 - Exergen TemporalScanner Play by Play Radio Spot Voted Top 5 Super Bowl Ad

January 2015 - Exergen Global Introduces Clean Micro Air-Purge Jacket

January 2015 - Exergen Sensor World News 2nd Edition by Exergen Global

October 2014 - Exergen Sensor World News 1st Edition by Exergen Global

July 2014 - Award Winning IRt/c Sensor from Exergen Integrated in M&R's Flagship CAYENNE D Quartz and RED CHILI D 1418 Flash Cure Units

May 2014 - Exergen Global Enables Syneron to Deliver Advanced Aesthetic Treatments

May 2014 - Exergen will exhibit at SENSORS EXPO 2014 in Chicago, June 24-26

February 2014 - Exergen TemporalScanner "Hot Head" Radio Spot Voted a Top Five Super Bowl Ad

January 2014 - Exergen in The Super Bowl and Industrial Prices stay solid for 3rd straight year!

December 2013 - Merry Christmas From Exergen Corporation

December 2013 - Exergen Competes For Radio Advertising Top Spot in Super Bowl

November 2013 - Exergen Sues Helen of Troy Subsidiary Kaz for Patent Infringement

October 2013 - Exergen Corporation Releases New Smart Glow TemporalScanner Thermometer

July 2013 - Exergen WAVEs Goodbye to Dr. Bose!

July 2013 - Exergen Industrial welcomes new sales representative for New England and upstate NY, Atlantic Measurement Technologies, LLC

May 2013 - Exergen Corporation donates $10,000 to The One Fund Boston in Honor of Boston Marathon Medical Team

January 2013 - Happy New Year From Exergen Industrial Sales

December 2012 - Merry Christmas From Exergen Corporation

August 2012 - Congrats to Exergen Industrial Sales Rep and Technical Consultant, Dr. Alex Stein for winning a NASA Patent Release Award.

July 2012 - July 4 -USA Celebrates Independence Day, Exergen and other manufactures who manufacturer in the USA!

June 2012 - mV Signal Output tables for microIRt/c's are now available here
Exergen gifts for Dads (year round)

May 2012- Exergen's role at Drupa 2012
March 2012 - Happy St. Patrick's Day - Exergen products used in Ireland
February 2012 - Avalanche fatalities happen every year and with the warm winter this year, detecting them is crucial, see what a company in Switzerland is doing with IRt/c's for avalanche warnings here
December 2011 - Latest ISO Certification and 2012 NAFTA certs are on our Literature page
November 2011 - Exergen IRt/c's affect your daily life
April 2011 - Exergen CEO, Dr. Frank Pompei Interviewed by DataCenterDynamics

February 2011 - Exergen helps detect snow, ice, and steam traps for a safe and efficient Winter

October 2010 Exergen’s role in Oktoberfest, Halloween, and Thanksgiving celebrations

June 2010 - Exergen Makes Summertime Activities Safe and Fun.
April 2010 - Spring Happenings, Agriculture, Asphalt, and Eggs. .
March 2010 - Alice in Wonderland and St Patrick in Ireland.
February 2010 - Exergen's role in Valentine's Day, the Daytona 500, and the Winter Olympics.



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